The project

The Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté in Belfort (CCNFCB) is a space dedicated to contemporary creation. The French CCN label (National Choreographic Center) was established in 1984.

Currently there are 19 of these National Choreographic Centers in France.

In 2008, a book laying out the missions and goals for the CCNs re-established their principal missions: the creation, production and touring of choreographic works, as well as adjunct missions supporting the development of projects by independent choreographers, pedagogical actions in the schools, offering dance training and community outreach.

Since March 2015, the Centre chorégraphique national de Franche-Comté in Belfort has been directed by Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux, for which they created the project VIADANSE.

Their project VIADANSE is laid in the prospect of a 3rd generation choregraphic center, revolving around a dynamic concept highlighting the circulation of projects and the building of networks, from Franche-Comté to Burgundy ; from the Grand Est to Switzerland and Europe.

This project draws strong axes regarding creation and dissemination, by diversifying the proposals and by working towards the construction of a production and management of artists network, VIAREZO, on the scale of the Grand Est as well as on the international stage.
VIADANSE aims at reinventing the link with the audience, especially with the youth, and at looking for new ways regarding artistic and cultural education.


In the VIADANSE project, Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux:

Present their project to audiences, via an aesthetic palette channeling their diverse repertoire, augmented by new creations based on the relationship of dance to live music. The program will be enriched by the presence of mandated associated artists,

Prioritize the sharing of production finances and assets, the circulation of artists and projects via a broad platform and a network in France and in two neighboring countries,

Opening access to dance for young people using digital streams and current music,

Amplify the dynamic, favoring cultural democratization via immersive structures linked to creation within the framework of European artistic and cultural education,

Reinforce the likely future of the institution through constant dialogue with its partners in order to better respond to new realities in the current economic context, and to territorial re-organization prefiguring a new referential paradigm.