The Centre chorégraphique national de Franche-Comté in Belfort is a “Law of 1901” Association whose missions as defined by the services of the French State and the local and regional authorities are for general welfare and interest.

As such, the Association may receive “contributions.”

A sponsor or patron is defined as an “entity who offers material support without any direct compensation or quid pro quo from the beneficiary, to a work or a person in the exercise of activities of general interest.”
(from the decree of January 6, 1989 relative to financial and economic terminology)

A SARL, a Société d’économie mixte, an association subject to the VAT or an individual may all be sponsors.

There is no counterpart, sponsorship is a “gift.


– financial (cash),
– in kind (cars, trucks, certain equipment …),
– skills-based personnel made available to the company because of their skills in logistics, accounting, etc.


– A tax deduction of 60% of expenditures made by a company as part of its sponsorship, limited to 0.5% of its revenue.

– It is also possible to define the value of counterparts which may not exceed 25% of any sums received or evaluated.